Located in the Central-West of the country, the province of Veraguas is alienated in eleven beautiful districts.

The province of Veraguas was discovered by Christopher Columbus during his fourth voyage. Its capital Santiago, which was founded back in 1636, is one of the top growth oriented cities in the country.

The lone province that has coasts in both of the mighty oceans, Veraguas contributes effectively into Panama’s economic growth. The province if filled with flora and fauna that delights the tourists at large. Inhabited by Guaymíes Indians, the province offers wide traditions, colorful customs and wonderful legends to the tourists. Additionally, the province possess mountains, forests, islands and coasts with over 400 species of birds, 200 array of orchids and a large number of mammals and reptiles.

Veraguas is composed with Santiago, Soná, Montijo, Watchtower, Santa Fé, Río de Jesus, Calobre, San Francisco, Cañazas, Las Palmas, and La Tabla along with mind blowing beaches including Playa Catalina, one of best in the continent for surfing and Malena, Playa de Mariato, & Torio.

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