Vacation rental

The alternative of hotel or camping accomodation whilst on vacation. The term is geared at the real estate and travel industries. A property normally fully furnished is rented out to interested parties for the purpose of accomodation and use overv their vacation period. These properties are normally the owners vacation property and instead of the property standing vacant the whole year, the owner can realise an income over certain periods.

The concept of a vacation rental is hugely popular in Europe and Canada, whilst it is picking up across the world. A vacation rental may also be referred to as a self-catering rental or a villa rental. The increase in popularity of the vacation rental has led to some regulation by governments in particular countries, it is now a widely accepted form of accomodation in many countries.

The vacation rental is very rarely sold and is aimed at the renting out of the property for a pre determined duration, for the explicit use by the renter whilst on vacation.

The vacation rental is different from the timeshare concept, in that the unit in timeshare only becomes available when the owner of that specific week puts it up for rental, or exchange. Dependent upon the structure of the timeshare resort will determine the availability of units and vacation rentals. Also dependent on the timeshares management policy will determine the guests experience whilst renting the vaction rental through a timeshare or on a private basis.

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