Sport fishing in Santa Catalina

Why Santa Catalina is one of the best locations for sport fishing.

Fishing in Panama The best place in the world for sport fishing is said to be the Panama. The number of records that have been set by the fish caught on the shores of this place is huge. The number and the variety of the fish that is caught from these coasts of Pacific is much bigger than what is caught from the other location. The best among all the spots is the coast in the Pacific which is close to the Santa Catalina.

Hannibal Bank is an area which is located around the Coiba Island and it is famous for the 200 pound tuna with yellow fins. It is also famous for the black marlin. The best place to track the Black Marlin in the entire area of the northern hemisphere is said to be the Mountuosa and the Hannibal Bank. No other region in this total area can offer this pleasure as good as these places do.

Another attractive feature of Panama is the “Tuna Coast”. It lies almost in the middle of the coast of Azuero Peninsula. It is basically the west coast of the Pacific of the region.  This place is very close to Santa Catalina. The coast is full of various fishing sports that one can imagine and the quality of fish that is offered here is just beyond the normal. Group of fishermen holding their catch of the day.

The availability of both inshore as well as deep sea fishing is totally superlative on the “Tuna Coast”. Both the options are equally exciting and are bound to satisfy each and every individual according to his wishes and expectations.

Out of the many fishing grounds that are located here are the areas near Isla Cebacco, Isla Coiba and Punta Mariato. The spot which is the most popular among all of them is the Isla Coiba.

The best spot for introduction to all of these wonderful fishing grounds is Santa Catalina. This is one place that can take you to any of the best fishing grounds and give you a life time experience there.

A number of species of fish are caught from these places and some of them are Cubera, Pacific Sailfish, Almaco Jack, Snook, Colorado, Dorado, Crimson Snapper, Broomtail, Peruvian Amberjack, Wahoo, Cero Mackerel, Rockhind Grouper, Blue-Fin and Yellow fin, Trevally, Big Eye Tuna, African Pompano, Corbina, Jack Crevalle, and Roosterfish. Apart from these varieties, there are many more other species also dwelling in these waters and one cannot count them so easily. Each time you go fishing there, and you get to see a new species added to to ones that you have already seen.

The entire region of Santa Catalina is full of fish that can satisfy every taste and contribute to an excitement that is totally mesmerizing. The fish of this region and the location itself combine together to give a sporting practice that one does not get very easily and commonly.

These are some factors why sport fishing is said to be the best in this area.

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