Places to invest in Panama

Panama is the southernmost country of Central America, and borders Costa Rica to the northwest, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Panama boasts one of the fastest growing GDP rates and has by far one of the most developed economies in Central America.

Over the last few decades, Panama has become a popular destination for tourists. Panama is home to many beautiful beaches, landscapes, and natural parks which has promoted eco-tourism around the country. With the increasing popularity of the country, the real estate market has shot up as well, attracting buyers from all over the world. Panama offers attractive incentives to people who have retired, with fantastic discounts on many services. With the great increase in real estate interest in Panama, several areas have been quick to build new properties for the expanding number of retirees seeking homes, and new businesses needing office space. There are a great range of locations that are popular choices for people to settle all over Panama.

Playa Coronado is a popular area in Panama, which has already seen a great increase in the Panama real estate market. Playa Coronado is located approximately 85 kilometers away from Panama City, and is nestled between the two rivers Lajas and Gorgona. This is a beautiful area on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, and is surrounded by mountains. This area has seen rapid expansion in real estate, and there are many properties for sale in the city. Many expats have a house in Coronado.

Boquete is another popular city and is a popular choice for people looking for a retirement home. It is located in the highlands of Western Panama and boasts spectacular views. Prices for real estate in this area vary drastically depending on the location, as well as available utilities. For those of you who are handy, it is possible to purchase extremely cheap houses without electric or water installed.

Boca Chica is located approximately five hours from Panama City and development in this area is also expanding rapidly. Boca Chica is a beautiful place that is famous for its fantastic diving, snorkeling, fishing and boating. There are a several small islands located off the coast, which are wonderful places to visit on a day trip.

If you are into surfing and beaches, Santa Catalina, Veraguas is worth visiting. This area is renowned for its surfing all over the world, and is slowly opening its doors for development. Villas are being built on the beach front with spectacular views of the coast and beaches.

Coiba Island, located on the south-eastern part of Panama is another area that is slowly being built on. This paradise island covers 2500 square kilometers and is home to forests, mangroves, beaches and coral reefs. It was declared a national park in 1992, and is only now opening its doors to real estate development.

Panama has a great range of different properties available, for retirees as well as adventure seekers and nature lovers. It is a beautiful country that boasts some of the best beaches, as well as a low cost of living and beautiful weather all year round. With these things in mind, is it any wonder that people are choosing to invest in Panama?

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