Panama Real Estate Bocas

Panama real estate Bocas

For those looking to invest in real estate, Panama has a lot to offer to these investors. Apart from the very affordable property prices, Panamanian real estate has the advantage of exquisite scenery for future home owners. A popular choice amongst foreigners would be to have coastal properties where the outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the sandy beaches are a plus for total calm and relaxation. The same is true for those who would rather have panoramic views of Panama’s inland beauty, as hillside properties and areas are also available. A lot of these beautiful properties are already well-kept, which means there are not much costs in case one decides to refurbish them. Another plus factor is the fact that should the owner decide to sell the property in the future, it is has proven that the real estate would most likely appreciate over time.

Tax incentives in Panama are one of the reasons why a lot of buyers are encouraged to and do invest in Panamanian real estate. Foreigners, and not just locals, are given tax breaks by the Panamanian government. These are definitely and advantage, especially if they plan to invest in high end real estate areas such as in Bocas del Toro area. The Panamanian government applies a specific tax regime with many benefits pertaining to taxes on dwellings for 20 years, for the benefit of those planning to build homes in Bocas del toro. Another advantage of this ruling is that investors who build homes or buildings may opt to sell them in the future, without having to pay for a large portion of the traditionally required taxes.

A magnificent area to consider in investing in real estate is in Bocas del Toro. There are numerous beautiful properties for sale in this exquisite province, although property prices have escalated the past, there are still a number value added properties available. This could be attributed to the fact that supply and demand are imbalanced. Whether it is palatial homes or commercial real estate, there will be something for every type of investor who would consider investing here. With excellent views of both the Pacific Ocean and the scenic backdrop of Panama’s mountains, this area will always be a great place to invest in real estate. Despite rising costs, you can be sure of successful investment ventures should you choose Bocas del Toro.

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