Los Santos

Los Santos real estate has become popular for many people looking for something a little further afield. Many people have fallen in love with the natural beauty of the region and have made this area there home.

Los Santos is the third largest province in the Republic of Panama. It is located on the Azuero Peninsula, and is home to some fantastic beaches and outdoor pursuits. Los Santos is an increasingly popular area for tourists for its beautiful landscape as well as some great traditions and carnivals. Los Santos is often referred to as the “Cradle of traditions and folklore.”

The province of Los Santos revolves predominantly around agriculture and raising livestock as important economic activities in this area. The Los Santos real estate boom has taken place over the last few years. The manufacturing of different crafts is another activity performed by the locals of Los Santos. Ceramics, jewelers and metal works are well known from this area and help enhance the province’s unique culture. Colorful hammocks are made in Los Santos, and are very popular with visiting tourists. Panama’s national dress, the Pollera, is also made in Los Santos, and the beautiful jewelry that enhances the costume is meticulously created by the women of the province.

The Pollera Festival, as well as several other colorful carnivals attracts people from all over the country to share in the fun and beauty of the festival. Los Santos is internationally recognized for its fantastic carnivals that are held in the capital of Las Tablas every year. Other famous festivals are the Corpus Crispi Festivities and the celebration of King Momo. Carnivals are in important economic activity for the province of Los Santos, and are increasingly popular with visitors every year. The festivities are very lively, with traditional costumes and music played all through the night. The February Carnival in Los Santos is one of the most popular, and draws thousand of visitors for a whole week of festivities.

Los Santos has a lot of beautiful architecture dating back to the colonial times. The town features a central plaza that is surrounded by several historic churches, government buildings and museums. The Church of Santa Librada and the Church of San Antanacio both present visitors with beautiful architecture and are well worth visiting.

Los Santos province has approximately 125 miles of coastline, with several beautiful beaches such as El Arenal, Las Amendras, and Punta Mala in the district of Pedasi. Pedasi is the home town of the former President Moscoso, who helped shape the town greatly during her term, with new lighting, infrastructure and roads. Pedasi is famous for its great surfing, and offers some world call surf spots for both beginners and advanced surfers. The Pedasi area is also considered to be one of the best spots for deep sea fishing in the world. Fishing charters boast that anyone can catch at least twenty tunas in a five hour time frame. Fisherman from all over the world visit to see whether this is possible.

Los Santos is a beautiful province which has increased in popularity for very good reasons. With its beautiful beaches, national parks, diving, snorkeling, surfing, and fishing on offer, people just cannot resist. Los Santos real estate makes a unique and special investment that is definitely worth a looking at.

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