As more and more people look for vacation destinations that offer the amenities of the major tourists destinations without the crowds, various locations in South America are becoming more popular. The province of Herrera is just such a place.

Herrera which borders Cocle on the north, Los Santos on the south, Veraguas on the north and northeast, and the Pacific Ocean at Parita Bay on the east is located on the Azuero Peninsula. The province of Herrera offers travelers numerous natural attractions such as picturesque mountains, glamorous rivers, and a unique blend of flora and fauna. The abundance of cultural activities and the plentiful adventures of Herrera make it a wonderful stop for tourists. However, travelers may wish to enjoy a particular city located in the province of Herrera – the city of Chitre.

Chitre’s history began with its founding in the Los Santos district of Herrera on October 19, 1848. Later, the Provincial Chamber of Panama declared that towns of Chitre, Monarillo, and La Arena would hereafter constitute a separate district – a parroquial district – incorporated within the Los Santos District. This declaration can be found in Article 1, Inscription 4 of the founding charter and paved the way for recent developments in Chitre.

In recent years, the city of Chitre has become the commercial hotspot for the central provinces of the country. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other credit cards are widely used in most of the shopping centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels and for car rentals. Furthermore Chitre provides many of the same services you would find in larger cities of the continent. Such services include hotels, restaurants catering to local, regional and international tastes, banks, department stores, supermarkets, telephone services, internet, fast food restaurants, car rentals, and dance clubs to name a few.

Chitre is a city which offers many of the conveniences tourists to Panama City – a major vacation destination – enjoy. However, the Chitre is not very large is size and remains an as yet undiscovered and less frequented visited destination. With all of the comforts provided by Chitre and the friendly natives, the place is waiting to be the next best tourist destination. Keep it in your travel list.

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